As a Concierge Utility™ it is our responsibility to provide the tools and resources necessary for our customers to plan their decarbonization journey, measure their progress and compare their results to their industry average. The best tool for this is the Department of Energy’s Energy Star® Portfolio Manager®.

Every Exergy customer is provided with an Energy Star® Portfolio Manager® account managed by Exergy. We load all your facilities into the tool and automatically connect them to their respective utilities. This provides you with a single portal to view all your facilities, how they rank in Energy Star® and how you compare to your peers. We provide this service for all your facilities, whether their energy is managed by Exergy or not.

Energy Metrics, by Site and Source

  • Total Energy Use (kBtu)
  • Energy Use Intensity (“EUI”) (kBtu/Sq. Ft.)
  • Weather Normalized EUI (kBtu/Sq. Ft.)
  • National Median EUI (kBtu/Sq. Ft.)
  • % Difference from National Median EUI (%)
  • 1 to 100 ENERGY STAR® Score 

Water Metrics

  • Total Water Use (kGal)
  • Water Use Intensity (kGal/Sq. Ft.)
  • Track indoor, outdoor and combined water use (kGal)
  • Track municipally supplied potable & reclaimed water, alternative water generated on site, other water sources

Waste & Materials Metrics

  • 29 types of waste materials can be tracked
  • 4 waste management methods: disposed, recycled, donated/reused, and composted


  • Total Energy Use (kBtu)
  • Energy Use Intensity (kBtu/Sq. Ft.)
  • Adjusted Energy Use (%)
  • GHG Emissions (MtCO2e)

Available against baseline or between any two periods.


  • Annual Energy Cost
  • Total Energy Cost per Sq. Ft.
  • Cumulative Investment in Facility Upgrades 
  • Cumulative Investment per Sq. Ft.

Renewable Energy

  • Total On-Site Electric Generation (kWh)
  • Percent of Electricity from On-Site Renewable (%)
  • Total Renewable Energy Certificates Purchased and Sold
  • Total Avoided Greenhouse Gas Emissions from RECs (MtCO2e)

Standard Reports Available:

  • Source EUI (Energy Utilization Intensity)
  • Site EUI 
  • Energy Star® score
  • Weather normalized source EUI
  • Weather normalized site EUI
  • Total GHG emissions intensity
  • Energy cost intensity
  • Indoor water intensity
  • Indoor water cost intensity
  • Building emissions report

Energy Star® Performance Documents Available

  • Statement of Energy Performance
  • Statement of Energy Design Intent
  • Data Verification Checklist
  • Progress and Goals Report
  • Energy Star® Scorecard
  • Water Scorecard

Energy Star® allows you to specify sustainability goals for each category and for each facility, and then accurately and automatically track your progress. You are able to set a baseline period and measure your successes. Throughout the journey you can compare your facilities to the industry and your selected benchmarks.

Energy Star® projects allow Exergy and you to establish new projects that implement your sustainability and decarbonization strategies. The performance of the project is then monitored and periodically evaluated to ensure that it meets expectations. Best of all, the project can be done with no CAPEX, since Exergy will provide the project as a service.

Energy Star® and Exergy enable to you track all aspects of sustainability including: water, material to landfill, recycling (single stream, segregated, mixed) and reuse.

More than 300,000 commercial properties use EPA’s ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager® tool to measure and track their energy use, water use, and/or waste and materials. ENERGY STAR® is the most widely recognized symbol for energy efficiency in America. In fact, more than 90% of households recognize the blue ENERGY STAR® label.

Through the process of using Energy Star® Portfolio Manager® and Exergy’s assistance, we can chart a path to achieving Energy Star® certified ratings for your facilities.

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