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How to prepare for high Midwest power prices and outages

Thu, Dec 8, 2022, 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM

There are things you can do to help shield you from both high prices and outages. To learn more, please join this Dec. 8th LinkedIn Live interview with Barry Rodgers, director of market operations for Exergy Energy.

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About Us

Why You Should Choose Exergy

Exergy is a simple and easy service that provides a one-stop solution for municipalities and businesses to be green, resilient and save money.

Exergy will supply your organization with 100% Renewable Power. To keep you resilient and to assist the grid in managing intermittent renewable generation, Exergy integrates a natural gas generation and storage system to ensure you keep running under all conditions.

Exergy’s software platform enables rapid bottom up transformation, driven by low-cost renewable energy, declining battery costs, and overwhelming customer demand.

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Learn more about Exergy’s capabilities and platform by watching our Explainer Video.

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Backup Power that RequiresNo Upfront Investment

With an Exergy Energy solution you can expect:

• No Cost Backup Power
• Stabilized Energy Costs
• Contracted Green Power Prices

to Save you Money and be Sustainable

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How Does This Work?

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The subscriber simply pays a single rate for each kWh they consume. One price; simple bill. No demand charges or confusion. Exergy’s platform takes care of all the rest.

Exergy’s software and operations are invisible to our customers; they never know whether they are using renewable electrons from the grid or from the on-site generator.