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About Us

Why You Should Choose Exergy

Exergy is a simple and easy service that provides a one-stop solution for municipalities and businesses to be green, resilient and save money.

Exergy will supply your organization with 100% Renewable Power. To keep you resilient and to assist the grid in managing intermittent renewable generation, Exergy integrates a natural gas generation and storage system to ensure you keep running under all conditions.

Exergy’s software platform enables rapid bottom up transformation, driven by low-cost renewable energy, declining battery costs, and overwhelming customer demand.

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Exergy Solutions

Backup Power that RequiresNo Upfront Investment

With an Exergy Energy solution you can expect:

• No Cost Backup Power
• Stabilized Energy Costs
• Contracted Green Power Prices

to Save you Money and be Sustainable

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How Does This Work?

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The subscriber simply pays a single rate for each kWh they consume. One price; simple bill. No demand charges or confusion. Exergy’s platform takes care of all the rest.

Exergy’s software and operations are invisible to our customers; they never know whether they are using renewable electrons from the grid or from the on-site generator.