The Concierge Utility™ for C&Iand Institutional Customers

Always On, Always Green, Always Save

Exergy Energy is a Concierge Utility™ for C&I and institutional customers seeking to become 100% resilient to blackouts, save money, and have the option to become 100% green.

Our Backup-as-a-Service offering requires zero upfront CAPEX.

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exergy energy backup as a service generator

How We Do It

  • Exergy provides your organization with a backup generator sized to power your entire operation for Zero CAPEX. No more limitations, like sizing your generator to power only life-and-safety or critical operations, and no more capital budgeting requirements – with Exergy, your business operates through a blackout with Zero CAPEX.
  • We advise you on the best fixed-rate electricity supply contract for your organization. This removes the risk of rising electricity rates. Many of our customer select 100% renewable energy to become entirely green.
  • Exergy owns, operates, maintains, and manages your backup so you can focus on your day-to-day business. Exergy charges a monthly Resiliency Fee for this service.
  • Since generators sit idle 99.9% of the time waiting for a blackout, Exergy uses the backup facility to provide grid services that support the addition of intermittent renewables to the Grid. Exergy earns ancillary cash flows from our grid services, which we share with you to defray your monthly fee.
  • At the end of our agreement, ownership of the backup facility transfers to your organization.

Learn more about Exergy’s capabilities and platform by watching our Explainer Video.

Why Exergy’s Service is Superior

No other provider offers what Exergy does: a zero-CAPEX backup power facility sized to your entire organization, with completely outsourced service / maintenance / management, monthly payments that are partly (or in some markets, completely) offset by shared cash flows from Ancillary Grid Services, and a service that is structured completely off-balance sheet.

Your Concierge Utility →
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