Why you should choose Exergy

Become 100% Green, 100% Resilient and Save Money

On site solar is always part of our solution

100% Renewable Energy

Exergy will supply 100% of your energy needs with green renewable power. Exergy combines solar and wind with storage to meet your load with 100% renewable energy

Resiliency with Backup Power

We ensure our customers remain operating even if the grid goes down, by integrating with on site backup power.


Save on Energy Costs

Exergy combines energy marketplace expertise with renewable generation and grid services to reduce your energy costs.


Exergy’s machine learning based software platform is transforming the electricity markets, making it easy to become Green, Resilient and more Profitable. 

To keep you resilient and to assist the grid in managing intermittent generation such as wind and solar, Exergy integrates with natural gas generation and storage to ensure you keep running under all conditions.

  • Exergy provides 100% renewable energy
  • Exergy manages on-site standby and backup power.
  • Exergy reduces your energy spend, saving you money.
  • Exergy provides all this without long term commitment. 


Become 100% Green, 100% Resilient and More Profitable

The Exergy platform is a customer-centric marketplace where subscribers can save money, procure 100% of their electricity either from green sources or the general market, and have the platform manage their backup generator or battery for demand response and peak shaving. The Exergy platform is simple and easy, eliminating the complexities of the electricity market. 

The subscriber simply pays a single rate for each kWh they consume. One price; simple bill. No demand charges or other confusing line items. Exergy’s platform takes care of all the rest.

Some customers may elect to have Exergy only manage their backup generator or battery for demand response and peak shaving. This configuration is supported by the platform and Exergy will manage their assets to maximize value to the customer. The savings generated are shared between Exergy and the customer. 


What are people saying?

Jami Krynski: President RPG Group

Our partnership with Exergy Energy has provided our team and customers with peace of mind, which speaks volumes given society’s demand for 100% renewable, yet reliable energy. It just makes sense.
Cayman Health City

Gene Thompson: Cayman Health City

As an island hospital, energy is an important part of healthcare costs. Exergy combined solar PV, solar thermal, thermal storage and on-site generation to provide a unique solution.

Adam Burkitt: Managing Partner Advanced Energy Efficiencies

AEE is a leader in providing sustainable energy. Our customers want to be Green and Resilient. Exergy helps us achieve these goals.


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