Climate change is happening. What does it mean to the energy system?


Just got this in my inbox: “New study says the world blew past 1.5 degrees of warming 4 years ago” Here’s the article (bit nerdy);

New study says the world blew past 1.5 degrees of warming 4 years ago

The important point is that you need to start planning for a much hotter and weirder world out there. You need to adapt to the inevitable changes and those will be profound.

Exergy Energy is a concierge utility ® focused on helping your meet your energy and sustainability needs. We expect the following to occur in the energy markets:

  • Increased number of brownouts and blackouts.
  • Increased number of outages due to extreme weather.
  • Significant decline is power quality causing upsets to sensitive control and process systems.
  • Slower response by utilities to restore service.
  • Higher more volatile energy prices.
  • Higher energy demand for EVs and electrification, adding more pressure on the grid.

The rise of the United States as a global manufacturing power, was directly due to the availability of inexpensive and reliable energy. That is changing. To protect your business, you must consider becoming much more energy independent. Exergy Energy,can help.