Choose from among renewable energy or carbon free (biomass/nuclear) sources to reduce your carbon footprint and meet your sustainability goals.

exergy energy building generator maintenance

Efficiency upgrades can be included in your solution, simplifying your workload and benefiting from Exergy’s zero-upfront cost/zero-headache structure.

Available tax credits are reflected as reductions in your monthly payments.

Your carbon reductions are quantified and communicated to you by Exergy, removing reporting responsibilities for you.

What we need to get you a budgetary quote:

• Last 12 months electricity bills (and natural gas bills, if you use natural gas)

• A signed Letter of Authorization (LOA): permits your utility to provide Exergy your organization’s hourly interval data – This lets us determine the profile of your electricity demand so we can install a generator sized to your operation. Contact us to receive an LOA to fill out.

• General information about your electrical loads, including planned expansions, efficiency upgrades, etc.

exergy energy electrical grid improvement

How do I learn more?

Check out Exergy’s resources:

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