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About Us

We Are Exergy Energy

Exergy is a concierge utility supplying 100% of your energy needs with renewable, resilient energy that will save your company up to 15% on its annual energy spend.

Exergy’s “Backup as a Service:”

• 100% renewable electricity, equal to annual consumption
• 100% backup power with onsite generators, for when the Grid fails
• Up to 15% savings on your annual electricity bill
• Zero upfront Cap-Ex and maintenance costs to your organization
• Simple per-kWh rate for life of contract (typically 5 to 20 years)
• Achieve your corporate sustainability goals: Exergy reduces your carbon footprint by 91%

Our Platform

Exergy Energy is theNext Generation Electricity Marketplace

Where customers subscribe to 100% Renewable, 100% Resilient, and Cost-Effective Energy. Exergy’s machine learning based software platform is transforming the electricity markets into highly distributed networks that are customer-focused, empowering, and transparent. Exergy’s software platform enables rapid bottom up transformation, driven by low-cost renewable energy, declining battery costs, and overwhelming customer demand.

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Who We Are

Exergy Leadership Team

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Dave March

Jon Wyatt Hopkins

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David Kurzman

Barry Rodgers
Director of Market Operations

Randal Rapier
Director of Consulting