David oversees all strategic business development efforts at Exergy Energy. Prior to co-founding the firm in 2018, he was a Founder and Managing Partner at Entropy Investment Management, a leading renewable energy development company where he oversaw completion of 43 projects exceeding 420 MW and $700 million of invested funds. He has been a serial entrepreneur in the energy and technology sectors having founded and run several high-technology instrumentation and software companies. David has been awarded 2 patents in operational efficiency and optimization in complex process industries. In addition, David has published 10 articles on business optimization and has been a featured speaker at many conferences, totaling over 20 appearances. David earned the following degrees from Lehigh University: a B.S. in Engineering Chemistry and an MBA in Quantitative Finance.

COO at divisions of ThermoElectron, Rockwell, Digital Electric Corp.
Founder of Entropy Inv. Mgmt.
Oversaw $245 million P&L
Constructed 425 MW of PV
2 Patents in Energy

Contact David at march@exergyenergy.com