Winter Energy Price Outlook Locking in Your Energy Price Now

Our director of market operations will be discussing the outlook on Winter energy prices and the importance of locking in your energy contracts now to avoid price volatility.

The Mainspring Linear Generator – Affordable. Reliable. Clean.

We are excited to host Wissam Balshe of Mainspring Energy to discuss their development of a new linear generation technology for prime power applications that is a must see!

A fundamentally new power generation technology designed for high efficiency, low cost, and ultimate flexibility, brought to you exclusively by Mainspring Energy.

Renewable Diesel and Investment Tax Credit

Need a backup generator? How about saving 30% through Investment Tax Credits available to those who engage in renewable energy projects. Didn’t think it was available for a diesel backup generator? Join us to learn about the wonders of Renewable Diesel for your business.

Skyven Technologies – Industrial Steam Heat Pumps

Exergy hosting Arun Gupta, CEO of Skyven Technologies to learn more about how their line of industrial steam heat pumps help industrial facilities decarbonize profitably.

What to expect this summer. El Nino, power outages and prices.

A dangerous combination of forces is likely to make this summer a very difficult time for organizations that depend on electric reliability and low prices. Please join us when we interview Barry Rodgers, Exergy Energy’s Director of Market Operations, to discuss what to expect this summer.

Reduce carbon footprint and cost with thermal storage for chillers

Most large buildings require air conditioning year round. This drives up both cost and carbon footprint. Time shifting chiller loads by making ice or chilled water during off peak is a time tested solution, but with major limitations. Meet O-HX and Energy Vault. The first true cold thermal battery that over comes these limitations and provides the best carbon reduction and cost savings available.

Making sense of carbon footprint and energy.

Many organization have tasked their managers with becoming green, sustainable and reducing their carbon footprint. Unfortunately, there are few clear definitions and a lack of factual information. This event will provide you with the most important information you need to know while on your decarbonization journey.

Why you need help in procuring energy

The energy markets have become more complicated and volatile. To get the best deal and protect your business, you really need the help of energy experts. Join us in our discussion with an Energy market trader and understand the value of partnering with experts.

How does no CAPEX work? Zero carbon with no up-front cost

You can meet your backup power and sustainability objectives with no up-front cost or CAPEX investment. In this event you will learn how this process works.

Backup Power as a Service. No up-front cost.

Extreme weather coupled with an aging grid has resulted in a 14 fold increase in outages over the past 10 years. Backup generators are becoming a necessity for organizations. Luckily there is a better way to acquire this resiliency without having to spend precious capital. Backup Power as a Service. This event will go through the details of this program.

My Lubbock Businesses: What you need to know about joining ERCOT

This webinar identifies the risks and rewards for businesses in Lubbock, TX as the electricity market moves to the Energy Reliability Council of Texas (“ERCOT”).

ERCOT is the most open and competitive electricity market in the country. This makes it highly profitable for businesses that take advantage of the opportunities but there is a downside. If you are unprepared and do not take active control of your electricity procurement contracts, your business could be severely hurt.

What is a Concierge Utility® : Live Event Video

The electricity and natural gas markets have become more complicated a volatile. They are also decoupled from your corporate sustainability goals. To get the right mix of energy to meet your economic and green requirements, you need a utility that works for you. Not one that tries to make you fit into their model. You require customer solutions.

Decarbonizing old buildings and making residents happy : Live Event Video

Many old city buildings still rely on steam radiators and if you have had the unfortunate experience of having lived in one, you know how frustrating it can be. Too hot, or too cold. Walk around a city in mid-winter and you are likely to see opened windows because the resident is trying to manage the uncontrolled heat from the radiator. Wow, what a waste of energy.

ABCs of Commercial Batteries : Live Event Video

Batteries can contribute a lot of value to an organization and actually pay for themselves, but there is so much hype that you need to proceed cautiously.

ABC’s of Backup Generators : Live Event Video

Backup generators can contribute a lot of value to an organization and actually pay for themselves. In this LinkedIn Live event, you will learn when to consider a backup generator and how to implement for the best financial return.

How to get the grid to pay for your backup generator : Live Event Video

A variety of grid programs can help defer the cost of backup generator and for some it can be a net positive profit.

The Hydrogen Economy. If, when and how : Full Webinar

There is a lot of hype regarding the hydrogen economy. We are also constantly bombarded by the ceaseless media competition between batteries and hydrogen. This webinar brings you the real story. We have assembled 3 industry experts. Their expertise includes hydrogen production, fuel cells, pipelines, batteries and internal combustion engines.

Episode 1: How To Be Green, Resilient And Save Money: The Basics. In our first video, we explain how underinvestment in the Grid has led to a steep decline in reliability. For Always-On organizations where energy is mission critical, going down is not an option. We discuss installing batteries and generators for backup, and delve into the benefits and drawbacks of each. We end the webinar explaining how organizations can be 100% green, 100% resilient to power outages, and save money on their electricity bill by working with Exergy. (For a copy of the slides, please contact us.)

Episode 2: How To Be Green, Resilient And Save Money: How To Get A Free Backup Generator. Our second video describes the cost of downtime to Always-On organizations, and how Exergy will provide you with a free backup generator to make you 100% resilient to blackouts. We use the generator to keep your operations running, reduce your peak load contribution, and generate ancillary revenues from participation in programs such as demand response and frequency regulation. (For a copy of the slides, please contact us.)

Episode 3: How To Be Green, Resilient And Save Money: Battery vs. Backup Generator. Video three explains how a battery is like a bucket of water when you are trying to put out a fire, and a generator is a firehose. We dive into the numbers and calculate how many buckets (batteries) you need to ensure your organization’s uptime. We even analyze the benefits and drawbacks of adding onsite solar to ensure a minimum uptime of 99%. We conclude with our assessment of when to use batteries vs. backup generators. (For a copy of the slides, please contact us.)

Episode 4: How To Be Green, Resilient And Save Money: Free Battery. In video four, we examine what possible functions a battery can service in addition to backup. These include energy arbitrage, frequency regulation, and voltage support, among others.  But which are really feasible? How much do batteries cost? And if you use a battery for several functions, will that limit its ability to serve as backup? We also look at combining solar with batteries to see how they might work together. (For a copy of the slides, please contact us.)

Episode 5: How To Be Green, Resilient And Save Money: Is Behind the Meter Solar A Good Idea? We delve into the benefits and drawbacks on behind-the-meter (onsite) solar in video five, examining the costs and comparing it to utility-scale solar as an alternative.  (For a copy of the slides, please contact us.)

Episode 6: How To Be Green, Resilient And Save Money: Understanding your Bill. Ever taken a look at your electricity bill and wondered what some of the line items were? In video 6 we investigate the anatomy of an electric bill to understand what our costs, and how to minimize our future bills. We explain terms like peak load contribution, peak shaving, and demand response. Finally, we ask how your organization can save money. (For a copy of the slides, please contact us.)

Episode 7: How To Be Green, Resilient And Save Money: Rethinking Energy Efficiency Investing. We are told that efficiency is always good. In video 7, we dare to ask the question: when is it better to forego efficiency? When energy is the enable that powers growth and productivity! We investigate this concept and put efficiency and productivity into perspective. (For a copy of the slides, please contact us.)

Special Webinar – Diesel corrosion might kill you! (It will kill your backup generator)  Nearly all diesel fuel today has some biodiesel mixed in, which can lead to unexpected system corrosion and failure of your engine or backup generator. Learn more here, and how to prevent this from occurring to your diesel system.