Yes! Exergy installs or contracts sufficient solar and wind resources to generate the same number of kWhs as your facility consumes. In this way, your facility becomes a 100% renewable energy consumer.

No. Your operation remains connected to the grid. Exergy only “takes you off grid” (island mode) if the grid goes down, in which case our resiliency solutions power your operations.

Your operations will not change with Exergy; you won’t even know Exergy is there.

But you may notice our presence when the grid fails and your operations continue unabated, or perhaps when you receive lower energy bills due to the savings we offer.

Understanding the cost of renewable electricity can be confusing, and some folks have convoluted ways to calculate its all-in costs.

But here is the indisputable fact: the ‘fuel’ (sun and wind) for renewables are free. So the total delivered cost of energy is due to the one-time installation costs (which continue to fall), and the operation and maintenance expenses (which Exergy pays). And here is the really good news: on a cost per kWh-basis, solar and wind are the least expensive energy sources available.

However, since renewables are intermittent, they need to be supported by grid generation. As responsible providers of renewable energy, Exergy also installs a natural gas generator at your facility (and, when appropriate, energy storage). This generator is used to provide your facility with resiliency and to supply the grid with energy services to accommodate the inherent variability of renewable power.

Use of the natural gas generator will be limited to providing resiliency for your operations and to supplying the grid with energy services. Your total annual energy consumption will be supplied by renewable generation provided by Exergy. So, if your operations consume 1.1 GWh of energy per year, Exergy supplies 1.1 GWh of renewable energy!

Nope, that’s Exergy’s responsibility.

At our cost, Exergy provides a turnkey power generation system that supplies 100% renewable energy, resiliency for your Always-On business, and savings from Day 1. Exergy operates and maintains the system so you can focus on running your business.

Your company simply agrees to purchase its energy from Exergy at a savings to your current cost of power for the term of the Power Purchase Agreement (“PPA”) or lease.

Exergy offers contracts that meet our customers’ needs. Our agreements typically range from 5 to 20 years and offer contracted rates, so that you know exactly how much Exergy’s energy will cost for the term of he PPA.

Our customers typically save up to 15% in the first year on their total energy costs.

If Exergy ceases to manage your account for any reason, your facility will simply go back to purchasing electricity from the grid, just as you were doing before Exergy installed its solutions. Since Exergy and its affiliates supply all the capital for your system, there is no risk of capital loss to your operations.

Capital and time are precious resources that every company must allocate. Given the special knowledge, time, and significant capital required to build, own, operate, maintain, and supply grid services, Exergy is best positioned to provide these services and pass the savings on to you.

No, but we hear that a lot!

Exergy is responding to i) falling renewable generation costs, ii) tax (and other) incentives, and iii) grid service programs and price signals provided by the wholesale and retail energy markets.

By doing so, Exergy can:

Make You 100% Green;
Keep You Resilient; and
Save You Money.

Exergy’s business model incentivizes you to be as energy efficient as possible.

Energy is Exergy’s business; we have greater resources and capabilities to provide efficiency and resiliency solutions than if you attempted to secure them yourself. With Exergy as your electricity supplier you can feel confident that we are doing everything economically possible to maximize the sustainability of your operations.

Exergy has a stable of capital partners with attractive capital costs and strong interest to finance our projects. We bring the entire capital stack: equity, debt (if necessary), and tax credit financing.

No, Exergy is responding to the programs, incentives, benefits, and market signals provided by the regional transmission operators whose job it is to create a stable energy delivery network at an affordable cost.