Electricity Supply Options

There are 21 states in the US that are restructured, or deregulated, with respect to retail energy procurement. This opportunity provides residential and business consumers with the ability to choose who supplies the electricity and/or natural gas to run their home or business operations, respectively.

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Natural Gas vs Diesel eBook

It is easy to take electricity for granted, but almost every aspect of modern life depends on a reliable supply of electricity. The same is true for businesses.

This eBook would not have been possible without the help and support of Patrick Smyth, president of Octane Systems Inc. Pat is a leading researcher on diesel corrosion and is highly invested in bringing to light the risks it poses to our society. Pat has presented to the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) on the relationship between biodiesel and diesel corrosion and he is considered an expert on the topic.

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Battery vs Generators

There is a lot of hype regarding batteries. Much of it is well deserved. However, this hype could put your operations at risk when the discussion turns to resiliency and backup.

This eBook goes into detail comparing batteries with and without solar to natural gas backup generation. In this book you will learn:

• A simple metaphor that provides an easy-to-understand conceptual framework.
• Batteries are not economically justified for backup.
• Solar with battery is better than batteries alone, but still not cost effective for backup.
• How to determine how much backup power you need.
• The cost comparison between backup generators and batteries.
• How the variability of solar impacts resiliency design of batteries.

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The Executive's Guide to Sustainability and Backup Power

This eBook is targeted at C-Suite Executives that need to balance the demands on capital, resources and time related to becoming more sustainable and resilient.

In this book you will learn:

• Solving your sustainability and resiliency challenge is easier than you think.
• It is possible to be green, resilient and save money with no capital investment.
• The best solution is to outsource your sustainability and resiliency challenges to service providers that specialize in this complex area.
• Introduction to a Concierge Utility®. An electricity supplier that works for you and always puts you first.

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