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Our Business Model

Contract With Exergy for Low-Cost Energy

When you contract with Exergy for low-cost energy, we become your complete energy supplier for 100% of your energy consumption and backup requirements. Your organization enters into a fixed-price, multi-year contract for delivered energy, and Exergy sources and delivers to your organization 100% renewable energy from leading utility-scale power projects.

In addition, Exergy installs, owns, and operates a backup generator onsite at your organization at no cost to you. When energy prices rise temporarily or the grid fails due to an unforeseen event, our onsite generator supplies 100% of your power needs. You will never be asked to turn down your lighting, air conditioning, or machinery or to otherwise reduce your operations, as some other companies require.

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How We Operate

Too Good To Be True?

We often are asked if our value proposition is too good to be true. No! We are simply responding to energy market programs designed to stabilize and improve the reliability of the grid. Very large organizations, such as Apple and Google, already perform these services for themselves; Exergy’s software and operations democratize the model, making it available to organizations of all sizes.

Our scalable and robust software leverages Machine Learning. Automatic, real time and day‐ahead price information is actively compared to our generation “strike” price: when the Grid price is above our strike price, Exergy requests a demand response dispatch. If the Grid price is below our strike price, Exergy purchases contracted renewable energy from the Grid and delivers it to your organization.

Thanks to our ability to effectively contract for low‐cost renewable energy and to use the on-site natural gas generator to reduce your peak demand charges. Exergy’s unique model provides you with the lowest cost process to be sustainable and resilient.

exergy energy solar system installation

In unregulated electricity markets that cover over 70% of our nation’s electricity consumers, Exergy provides renewable energy for 100% of your organization by procuring utility-scale solar, wind, and hydro power from leading energy projects around the country, delivering this energy to your organization under a fixed-price Power Purchase Agreement (“PPA”) or similar contract. In addition, Exergy installs at your site and at no cost to you a natural-gas backup generation facility to provide backup during power outages and brownouts. Exergy utilizes your onsite generation to reduce your peak loads and to participate in ancillary energy markets to generate excess cash flows, and Exergy passes part of the savings on to you.

Exergy’s target customers include commercial & industrial business, water & wastewater treatment facilities, meat processors, pharmaceuticals, and similar organizations that require reliable, clean energy under a long-term, fixed-price contract at rates that typically meet, or beat, utility-supplied electricity but lacks the Exergy’s reliability.

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exergy energy Deregulated Gas

In regulated markets, Exergy operates a little differently: we provide the most affordable backup and Combined Heat & Power (“CHP”) solution available in the marketplace. Exergy will install at no cost to you a natural-gas backup generation or CHP facility to provide backup and low-cost energy.

For businesses considering buying and self-operating a backup or CHP system, Exergy’s solution is a far superior use of your operating capital and management’s precious time.

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exergy energy Deregulated Gas