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We are particularly interested to speak with generator distributors, electrical contractors, and energy consultants seeking to grow their businesses by offering Exergy’s unique solutions to its customers.

Generator Distributors

Distributors compete fiercely for each sale, often having to differentiate themselves with lower prices. This race-to-the-bottom approach doesn’t have to be your only way forward.

By partnering with Exergy, your distribution business can offer ExergyComplete, a full Backup-as-a-Service package with zero upfront cost to the customer, and timely payment to you for the generator. We also look to secure long-term maintenance and service contracts, providing your operation with high-margin, recurring revenue.

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Electrical Contractors

Exergy seeks electrical contractors as partners to penetrate regional markets where we are under-represented.

By partnering with Exergy, your electrical contracting business will differentiate itself from the competition by offering a full Backup-as-a-Service package with zero upfront cost to the customer. Exergy will contract with your organization for the electrical work, and you will close more deals than your competitors.

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Energy Consultants

Energy Consultants are committed to helping customers meet their energy and sustainability needs. Exergy’s Backup-as-a-service can be a perfect fit for many organizations seeking a zero CAPEX solution.

We are interested to partner with Energy Consultants to sell the Exergy solution. By helping your customers better meet their sustainability and resiliency needs, you earn an attractive commission and renewals while maintaining the customer relationship.

You can even sell the Exergy Solution under your own brand.

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