COP Out 28

Another year, another circus. Once again, we have climatepalozza. Lot’s of ideologies, platitudes, non-sensical statements and a steadfast refusal to face reality, get to work and make the necessary tradeoffs. The fact is we waited too long to seriously address the issue. Talk about keeping to 1.5 degrees is now beyond fantasy. We decided by our inaction to run the climate change experiment. It’s happening.

I am not an isolationist, but I am forced to shift my focus from saving the planet to adapting to climate change and helping my customers save their companies and continue to prosper. We are all in for a rough several years. Extreme weather, grid reliability problems and price volatility are just a couple of the implications facing organizations.

The energy transition is not going well, and the energy markets have gotten much more complicated and dangerous. You need a concierge utility to take responsibility for your energy management and make sure you procure cost effective energy, improve your energy efficiency and keep running when the grid goes down. The silver lining in this otherwise gloomy picture is Exergy Energy provides a wide range of energy as a service at no upfront cost and no capex. To learn more visit us at