Let’s be honest. We are running the climate change experiment, not stopping it. We knew about climate change 40+ years ago and have effectively done nothing to address it. Now we must live with the consequences and adapt to the new climate and energy reality. For a great history lesson, I recommend watching Carl Sagan’s 1985 address to Congress on climate change: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wp-WiNXH6hI

We still need to transition our energy systems, but unfortunately, we need to do this at a much faster pace and we don’t have a plan and are simply throwing financial incentives into the market, hoping it will all work out. That is highly unlikely.

What is likely is that grid reliability will continue to decline, power quality will suffer and energy prices will become more volatile, making managing a business much more difficult. With all the complexities of running a business, you certainly don’t need another thing to try and manage which is neither core nor strategic and so complicated that only energy experts can navigate the markets.

You need to adapt and the best way to accomplish that is with a concierge utility™. Exergy, your concierge utility, represents you and sits between your operations and the complex energy markets and provides you with the power you need. Exergy will manage your energy at no upfront cost to you. If you need backup power or batteries, Exergy will take full responsibility and provide Backup Power and Resiliency as a Service. There is no CAPEX, only the confidence that you have energy experts on your team.

To learn more about Exergy Energy, your concierge utility™, please visit our website: https://exergyenergy.com