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Most business continuity plans do not consider the potential risks resulting from the confluence of weather-related outages, the decarbonization of the electricity grid, and its restructuring to meet the projected surge in energy demand over the next 50 years. The economy runs on energy and we can no longer take its availability, cost and reliability for granted. The energy transition will have significant impacts many of which are still unknown.

Exergy, your concierge utility, will be providing guidance regarding how you need to update and enhance your continuity plants to address the challenges posed by extreme weather events, the transition to renewable energy sources, and the need for grid modernization, while emphasizing the importance of investments to ensure uninterrupted operations and mitigate potential disruptions.

Each week we will feature one aspect of how the energy transition needs to be addressed in your continuity plans. Over the next several weeks we will talk about:

  • Weather-Related Outages and Increasing Frequency
  • Decarbonization of the Electricity Grid
  • Grid Restructuring and Modernization
  • Anticipated Increase in Energy Demand
  • Mitigating Risks and Enhancing Continuity Plans
  • Case Studies and Best Practices

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