Baltimore Coal Plant Shutdown

Starving is not healthy.
As we have said many times, energy is life. Our standard of living is totally dependent on the amount of energy we are able to consume. So, it proceeds directly that if we take energy away we reduce our standard of living and possibly reduce living.

The goal of the energy transition is to replace fossil energy generation with zero-carbon generation. Nowhere did I ever see that this transition included reducing my energy consumption. Unfortunately, that is exactly what is happening in Baltimore. Talen Energy is being forced to close a large coal-fired powerplant years before a transmission line and renewable generation will be available. PJM, the grid operator, has warned of catastrophic reliability issues. Quoting from the article: “The PJM region and the state of Maryland are facing future reliability challenges as a result of the announced retirement of the Brandon Shores units,” Jeff Shields, a spokesperson for PJM Interconnection, told Fox News Digital. “Specifically, PJM analyses showed that the deactivation of the Brandon Shores units would cause severe voltage drop and thermal violations across seven PJM zones, which could lead to widespread reliability risks in Baltimore and the immediate surrounding areas.”

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Everyone supports the decarbonization of the grid, but not at the expense of our lives and standard of living. This is just another example of the problems that arise when you try and redesign and change the largest and most complicated machine on the planet, without a plan. Important that you take action now to protect your access to power. Please visit us at to learn more about how you get backup power as a service with no CAPEX.