Thermal Plasma Electrolysis

I am not a great advocate for green hydrogen as a panacea for our decarbonization needs. However, hydrogen is important for many industries, such as ammonia (fertilizer) and chemicals. It would be great to find a cost-effective way to produce hydrogen without carbon dioxide. CCS is of course possible, but it does add significantly to the cost. (must be noted however, that CCS on steam methane reforming can be much more efficient and economical because the exhaust is almost 100% CO2).

This UK company has developed a new technology to make hydrogen from natural gas that rather than CO2 as the byproduct, solid carbon black is the byproduct (of significant value in itself). The company uses plasmas and “in my opinion” combines electrolysis and pyrolysis in a single process. Starting with methane makes the entire process more cost-effective.

You can learn more about this firm here: