The EIA (Energy Information Association) just published their International Energy Outlook 2023. I quote: “We project that global energy related CO 2  emissions from consumption of coal, liquid fuels, and natural gas will increase over the next 30 years across most of the cases we analyzed in our International Energy Outlook 2023 (IEO2023)”

What to Expect- Energy Landscape

This means that climate change and its associated extreme weather will continue to get worse, at least for the foreseeable future. This means:
1. Higher energy prices
2. Higher price volatility
3. More extreme weather, leading to more outages
4. Decrease in power quality as we push more intermittent renewables on the grid.

It is important to incorporate these implications in your financial, operational and business continuity
planning. Since we have been unable (or unwilling) as a society to seriously tackle climate change and
have failed to put forward a credible plan to decarbonize, it is up to you to protect your business.

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