New research has found that Middle America could soon be too hot for humans to live in. This is the finding from a new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The Newsweek article link is here:

Don’t worry, air conditioning will come to the rescue. Of course that takes even more electricity, which will contribute to even more warming. But what choice do we have. Let’s be honest, we have waited too long to seriously address our carbon emissions, and they are still increasing. We now must think and plan for adaptation. If it is too hot to live and work without air conditioning, we must ensure that the air conditioning is always there.

Unfortunately, with increased load on the grid and increased intermittent renewables on the grid, the grid reliability is declining and the frequency of outages is increasing rapidly. An outage during a hot summer could be life threatening. It’s not about affording a backup generator, it’s about not being able to live without one.

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Start adapting. No other choice.