It is now evident that we will not be able to reach the original Paris 1.5 degree temperature rise. Too little, too late. We obviously need to move faster so it doesn’t get worse. Unfortunately, it is a race and we are losing.

Just read an article this morning on how climate change is reducing solar generation. You can read the article here

Quoting from the article:

“We can’t expect to create accurate solar production estimates if we’re using historical weather data not adjusted for the growing influence of climate change. Those estimates get worse and worse over time, as climate change causes greater and greater deviations from historical norms,” said Rob Cirincione, CEO of Sunairio.”

“As a result, pre-construction energy models over-predict solar production from new projects by up to 5–12%, according to the study. This impact is strongest in the Midwest and Southeast, followed by the East Coast — regions where climate change is causing decreased irradiance through cloudier weather patterns and greater precipitation.”