You need to own a generator. Be long energy.

Throughout 2023 there were constant news announcements from the grid operators warning of potential brownouts and insufficient capacity to meet the demand. This is a result of a number of factors; climate change, underinvestment in new base load capacity and growing energy consumption. 2023 was not an anomaly, and the reliability of the grid is going to continue to decline.

Climate change is here. It’s not some potential future thing. We are now living the experiment. While some countries have seen the writing on the wall and are aggressively building new base load nuclear plants, the United States appears to be betting exclusively on solar, wind and batteries. These technologies are not base load power. Generation capacity, when you need it most, is going to be in short supply. Lastly, we aren’t reducing our energy consumption, rather we are dramatically increasing it. EV’s, heat pumps and the enormous energy consumption of AI will all put a substantial increase of load on the grid.

The path we are on is a danger to your profits, operations, business continuity and worker safety. The only thing you can do is be pro-active, acquire a generator and have the ability to produce your own power. Exergy Energy, your concierge utility, makes it easy to become self-sufficient. From our exclusive Backup Bank, where we will finance 100% of backup generators at the lowest costs in the market to Energy as a Service, where Exergy owns and operates the generators on your site and keeps you running for a small monthly resiliency fee.

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