The trend is clear in the graph. Extreme weather is on the rise and since we haven’t really addressed climate change, it will continue to get worse. Not only is atmospheric carbon concentration continuing to rise, carbon dioxide emissions continue to increase as well. (probably say goodbye to 1.5 degrees)

While I would like to be optimistic and hopeful, my fiduciary responsibility to our customers requires me to take a more planned and pragmatic approach. Our customers can’t wait and hope for things to get better. Instead, we work together to plan and prepare for things to get worse. Being a concierge utility doesn’t just mean providing low-cost energy and resiliency as a service, it also means assuming the role of energy risk manager for your customers. The energy markets are getting more volatile, weather is causing more outages and the influx of intermittent renewables coupled with the accelerated pace of baseload retirements, has made managing your energy much more complicated and risky. You need the expertise of a concierge utility.

Sorry to sound like a broken record, but energy insecurity is real and you need to take action now.