Executive’s Guide to Sustainability and Backup Power

Executive’s Guide to Sustainability and Backup Power

This eBook is targeted at C-Suite Executives that need to balance the demands on capital, resources and time related to becoming more sustainable and resilient.

In this book you will learn:

• Solving your sustainability and resiliency challenge is easier than you think.
• It is possible to be green, resilient and save money with no capital investment.
• The best solution is to outsource your sustainability and resiliency challenges to service providers that specialize in this complex area.
• Introduction to the Concierge Utility. An electricity supplier that works for you and always puts you first.

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Battery vs Backup Generator

Battery vs Backup Generator

There is a lot of hype regarding batteries. Much of it is well deserved. However, this hype could put your operations at risk when the discussion turns to resiliency and backup.

This eBook goes into detail comparing batteries with and without solar to natural gas backup generation. In this book you will learn:

• A simple metaphor that provides an easy-to-understand conceptual framework.
• Batteries are not economically justified for backup.
• Solar with battery is better than batteries alone, but still not cost effective for backup.
• How to determine how much backup power you need.
• The cost comparison between backup generators and batteries.
• How the variability of solar impacts resiliency design of batteries.

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E-Book Download

E-Book Download

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To get a quote for Exergy's Sustainability and Backup as a Service, please provide us with the following:

Latest 12 months' electricity and gas bills;

Copy of building lease, if applicable;

The address for your facility; and

Your contact information.

Making Organizations Resilient, Green, and Saving Them Money

  • Summary of Terms for our standard Power Purchase Agreement (“PPA”):

    Note: This following is not an exhaustive or complete list of terms, but a summary in plain English. Please review the PPA in its entirety with your legal counsel.

    1. Term of agreement: Variable from 5 year to 20 years, depending on customer requirements.
    2. Coverage: Customer will purchase 100% of their electricity from Exergy.
    3. Installation, Management & Operation: Exergy will install, manage, and maintain a backup generator at customer’s site at no cost to customer.
    4. PPA Price: Fixed price per kWh with an annual inflation escalator.
    5. Base Load: Both parties agree what the expected load of the facility will be.
    6. Minimum purchase: Customer must purchase at least 85% of the Base Load from Exergy.
    7. Maximum Fixed Price Power: Exergy will supply up to 120% of the base load at the contracted PPA rate. Consumption above 120% will be a pass through of market prices to customer.
    8. Fuel: Exergy pays for the natural gas to run the generator.
    9. Fuel Meter: Exergy will have a separate natural gas meter.
    10. Termination: Customer may terminate the PPA at any time, however a termination fee applies.
    11. Transfer of ownership: At the end of the term, ownership of the equipment is transferred to customer.
    12. Billing: Billing is based on customer kWh’s consumed, multiplied by the PPA rate, subject to the maximum and minimums described above. Billing occurs monthly.
    13. No Liens: Customer will not place any liens on the System.
    14. Exclusive Provider: Exergy will serve as customer’s exclusive provider of electricity.
    15. Service & Maintenance: Exergy is responsible for all service and maintenance of the generator.
    16. Operation for the Benefit of the Customer: Exergy will operate the backup generator only in a manner that benefits the customer.
    17. Change in Law or Regulation: Both parties agree to renegotiate the contract if a change in law or regulation makes the agreement financial

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Sustainability and Backup as a Service

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About Us

Why You Should Choose Exergy

Exergy is a simple and easy service that provides a one-stop solution for municipalities and businesses to be green, resilient and save money.

Exergy will supply your organization with 100% Renewable Power. To keep you resilient and to assist the grid in managing intermittent renewable generation, Exergy integrates a natural gas generation and storage system to ensure you keep running under all conditions.

Exergy’s software platform enables rapid bottom up transformation, driven by low-cost renewable energy, declining battery costs, and overwhelming customer demand.

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Exergy Solutions

Backup Power that Requires
No Upfront Investment

With an Exergy Energy solution you can expect:

• No Cost Backup Power
• Stabilized Energy Costs
• Contracted Green Power Prices

to Save you Money and be Sustainable

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The subscriber simply pays a single rate for each kWh they consume. One price; simple bill. No demand charges or confusion. Exergy’s platform takes care of all the rest.

Exergy’s software and operations are invisible to our customers; they never know whether they are using renewable electrons from the grid or from the on-site generator.

Educational Videos

Educational Videos

Episode 1: How To Be Green, Resilient And Save Money: The Basics. In our first video, we explain how underinvestment in the Grid has led to a steep decline in reliability. For Always-On organizations where energy is mission critical, going down is not an option. We discuss installing batteries and generators for backup, and delve into the benefits and drawbacks of each. We end the webinar explaining how organizations can be 100% green, 100% resilient to power outages, and save money on their electricity bill by working with Exergy. (For a copy of the slides, please contact us.)

Episode 2: How To Be Green, Resilient And Save Money: How To Get A Free Backup Generator. Our second video describes the cost of downtime to Always-On organizations, and how Exergy will provide you with a free backup generator to make you 100% resilient to blackouts. We use the generator to keep your operations running, reduce your peak load contribution, and generate ancillary revenues from participation in programs such as demand response and frequency regulation. (For a copy of the slides, please contact us.)

Episode 3: How To Be Green, Resilient And Save Money: Battery vs. Backup Generator. Video three explains how a battery is like a bucket of water when you are trying to put out a fire, and a generator is a firehose. We dive into the numbers and calculate how many buckets (batteries) you need to ensure your organization’s uptime. We even analyze the benefits and drawbacks of adding onsite solar to ensure a minimum uptime of 99%. We conclude with our assessment of when to use batteries vs. backup generators. (For a copy of the slides, please contact us.)

Episode 4: How To Be Green, Resilient And Save Money: Free Battery. In video four, we examine what possible functions a battery can service in addition to backup. These include energy arbitrage, frequency regulation, and voltage support, among others.  But which are really feasible? How much do batteries cost? And if you use a battery for several functions, will that limit its ability to serve as backup? We also look at combining solar with batteries to see how they might work together. (For a copy of the slides, please contact us.)

Episode 5: How To Be Green, Resilient And Save Money: Is Behind the Meter Solar A Good Idea? We delve into the benefits and drawbacks on behind-the-meter (onsite) solar in video five, examining the costs and comparing it to utility-scale solar as an alternative.  (For a copy of the slides, please contact us.)

Episode 6: How To Be Green, Resilient And Save Money: Understanding your Bill. Ever taken a look at your electricity bill and wondered what some of the line items were? In video 6 we investigate the anatomy of an electric bill to understand what our costs, and how to minimize our future bills. We explain terms like peak load contribution, peak shaving, and demand response. Finally, we ask how your organization can save money. (For a copy of the slides, please contact us.)

Episode 7: How To Be Green, Resilient And Save Money: Rethinking Energy Efficiency Investing. We are told that efficiency is always good. In video 7, we dare to ask the question: when is it better to forego efficiency? When energy is the enable that powers growth and productivity! We investigate this concept and put efficiency and productivity into perspective. (For a copy of the slides, please contact us.)

Special Webinar – Diesel corrosion might kill you! (It will kill your backup generator)  Nearly all diesel fuel today has some biodiesel mixed in, which can lead to unexpected system corrosion and failure of your engine or backup generator. Learn more here, and how to prevent this from occurring to your diesel system.



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Exergy 101

Exergy 101

Making Organizations Resilient, Green, and Saving Them Money

Exergy’s model is quite simple – Any organization seeking to be resilient, green, and save money selects Exergy to supply all of its electricity needs. We deliver 100% renewable energy to the organization from utility-scale projects at a price competitive with what they are currently paying.

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We install a natural gas backup generator at your facility, at no cost to you, to keep you running when the grid is down.

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When the grid needs help during extreme weather, or when there is line disruption, Exergy supports the grid by turning on the generator and reducing the load on the grid. The grid pays Exergy for this support. Exergy passes on part of the money it earns to you as savings on your energy bill.

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