Electricity prices going-up in ERCOT, unless you have a generator.

If you have a facility in Texas you remember the power outage of Feb. 2021 as well as the frequent warnings of potential outages throughout 2022. To address this, the Public Utility Council of Texas has approved a plan to improve the reliability of the ERCOT grid. Bad news: this will increase the cost of electricity in Texas unless you can help improve the reliability of the grid.

Boiled down, the performance credit mechanism would obligate electricity companies that provide power to buy “performance credits” from generators that earn them by being available during times of greatest strain on the power grid. The credits would be awarded to generators after the close of compliance periods, based on evaluations of their availability.

If you have a backup generator and know how to use it appropriately, you can avoid this price increase and possibly earn a profit. If you have been considering a backup generator, this new ruling provides even more incentive to do so.