This is the consensus from utility executives that White House Media has been talking to over the past month.

The article appeared in the Utility Management Group of EnergyCentral and is titled: “Utilities Have the Transition Blues-No Way From Here to There”.

In the article, the message is clear. The transition of the grid is not going well. Not organized or planned. Substantial financial incentives push certain areas forward, while supply chain issues, politics, permitting and interconnections are roadblocks. This leads to challenges, problems and serious risk of outages.

The most frightening piece of the article was the author’s last sentence, and I quote: “My advice, Keep spare batteries handy and a good supply of canned food. If you’re sitting in the dark, you don’t want to be hungry.”

There is no silver lining in this, but we can do things to protect our organizations. Consider a backup generator and an energy sourcing contract that is structured to provide you with the energy you need at a savings and allows you to make money with your generator by participating in grid services, such as demand response. Doing these things is complicated and can be expensive, so consider outsourcing it to Exergy. We will make your electricity 100% green and provide backup power as a service, all with no upfront cost.