BackupBank is 100% financing for backup power systems and facility upgrades at the lowest monthly payments available in the market.

• 100% Equipment Financing: Zero Capex
• Turnkey Installation By Experts Using Tier-1 Equipment
• Lowest Fixed Monthly Payments Available
• Each Payment Is Fully Deductible
• Equipment Is Yours At The End Of The Agreement
• No Hidden Fees, Headaches Or “Gotchas”

BackupBank is the lowest-cost way to 100% finance your backup power and facility upgrades. Thanks to our partnership with leading capital providers, your business can obtain the backup power it needs to operate through outages for Zero CAPEX. You simply make fixed monthly payments under our BackupBank program.

Exergy will install a turnkey backup power system at your site for Zero CAPEX. You can choose our full-facility option sized to cover 100% of your electricity needs, or size the system to cover just critical systems. The equipment and our Resiliency Services Agreement (“RSA”) serve as collateral.

BackupBank’s monthly payments are a better use of precious capital. Each payment is a fully deductible expense under IRC 7701(e)(1). At the end of the agreement, you own the equipment free-and-clear of liens and liabilities! For Zero CAPEX, let Exergy handle the turnkey installation of your power needs.

Buying a backup power system can be a seven- or eight-figure capital investment. Wouldn’t you rather use that capital to grow revenues?

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This is from an actual proposal for a customer requiring a turnkey, 1-Megawatt generator with complete switchgear, ATS, and supporting equipment for a purchase cost of nearly $1.3 million. Exergy proposed a 10-year Resiliency Service Agreement with BackupBank and monthly payments of $14,289, or $171,472 annually.

Because we structure our RSAs as qualifying services agreements, each monthly payment is fully deductible, resulting in an unbeatable after-tax monthly payment of $10,145, or $135,463 annually.

Why BackupBank?

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