A perfect storm. Increased demand from electrification, declining investment in fossil generation and the inability to connect renewable energy sources will lead to increased blackouts and rising prices.

Great article on Zicos: http://fr.zicos.com/tech/i31761290-New-Wind-and-Solar-Energy-Projects-Are-Now-Overwhelming-America-s-Antiquated-Electrical-Grids.html

“So many projects are trying to squeeze through the approval process that delays can drag on for years, leaving some developers to throw up their hands and walk away.”

“PJM Interconnection, which operates the largest regional grid, has been so inundated by connection requests that last year it announced a freeze on new applications until 2026….”

“A potentially bigger problem for solar and wind is that, in many places around the country, the local grid is clogged, unable to absorb more power.”

The bottom line. Expect increased blackouts, higher costs, higher price volatility and demand charges. You need to protect your business and its bottom line, by getting better energy contracts and backup power. Exergy Energy, your concierge utility, can provide all you need to be more efficient, avoid blackouts and save money. All with no upfront cost.