Core Beliefs

  1. Respect. Everyone deserves respect. No one is above or below anyone else. Treat everyone with respect throughout the day regardless of whether they are Exergy people or anyone else.
  2. Diversity. We have two eyes which provides one perspective. The world is too complex to be understood from a single perspective. Embrace diversity to see a much bigger world.
  3. Honesty. Always tell the truth and the whole truth. Organizations succeed based on trust, and honesty is the foundation for trust.
  4. Golden Rule. Live it. Nothing else needs to be said.
  5. Ethics and integrity. We live by the highest standards. If you need to look down to see if you crossed a line, you have already failed.
  6. No corporate politics. Be candid, honest and thoughtful. We are on a mission and need everyone to be pointed in the same direction. Politics is a cross current that takes us off path.
  7. There are no business expenses, only investments. Looking at everything we do as an investment causes us to look ahead towards the desired outcome, and thereby we gain a clearer picture of the value we are trying to create.
  8. Seek efficiency. Constantly challenge the way we do things and see if we can improve. Exergy wants to tap the vast power of the individual and does not want to be bogged down in trivial or administrative stuff. If there is something that gets in your way, speak up.
  9. Manage your time. We do not take attendance or count your hours. We believe that time management is unique to every individual. You need to meet your commitments, and the most important commitment is to our customers. Make sure you are available when they need you.
  10. Speak up. If you have something to say, say it. There are no stupid questions or invalid opinions. Make sure your voice is heard. If we don’t agree, we will discuss and debate and weigh the merits of all positions.
  11. Lift up, do not put down. We will succeed only as a team. If someone needs your help, give it. Raising someone up improves the entire organization.
  12. Be a professional. A professional is someone who is committed to lifelong learning about what they are doing. If you think of this as a job and “turn off” with the clock, then you are in the wrong position. You must be passionate and committed to what you do, so much so that you are constantly striving to become better.
  13. Feedback. Ask for it and give it. Openly, respectfully and with the best interests of the person in mind.
  14. Think. Make time to step back and think about what you are doing. Look from all sides and study it. Things change and can be improved, but only if we think.
  15. Listen. Do not simply wait to speak. Really listen to what the other person is saying and try to understand. If you don’t understand, ask for help from the other person.
  16. Manners are more important than laws. If you treat people right, you will get their upmost power.