The vast majority of outages are caused by weather events taking down wires. If you think that this will be solved by burying them; think again. Quoting from a recent article in energycentral: “In Austin, city officials want to bury transmission lines to combat outages from downed limbs during extreme weather events. Austin Energy General Manager Jackie Sargent warns City Council, “Burying our distribution lines would be prohibitively expensive and very disruptive. We as a utility know this intuitively, but the community may not,” Sargent said.”

The fact is we need to live with what we currently have. The necessary investment in new transmission lines to accommodate renewables and the required increase in generation capacity to support electrification and EV’s is going to take all available capital. Wires are still going to be overhead and knocked down by wind, rain and snow. It is just the way it is and will continue to be.

If you can’t go dark, hungry and cold, you really need to get backup power.

You need to protect your business and its bottom line with backup power. Exergy Energy, your concierge utility, can provide all you need to be more efficient, avoid blackouts and save money. All with no upfront cost. We provide backup power as a service and will keep you running during the inevitable outages and protect your profit margins from energy price volatility.