There was a chilling article recently in the New York Times, that interviewed a number of experts in disaster response. (“Backup Power: A Growing Need, if You Can Afford It. New York Times 05/06/2023”)

Quoting from the article: “Energy experts warn that power outages will become more common because of extreme weather linked to climate change. And those blackouts will hurt more people as Americans buy electric heat pumps and battery-powered cars to replace furnaces and vehicles that burn fossil fuels….”

“Power outages make heat, already a major cause of avoidable deaths even more of a threat, said Brian Stone Jr., a professor at the George Institute of Technology. A concurrent event where you have an extensive backout during a heat wave is the most deadly type of climate threat we can image.”

Many organizations know they need backup power but procrastinate because they simply don’t want to spend the capital. They continually kick-the-can down the road until they are forced to act (hopefully no one died as a result of the delay).

There is a much better way. Backup Power as a Service. Exergy Energy, your concierge utility, can provide all you need to be more efficient, avoid blackouts and save money. All with no upfront cost. We provide backup power as a service and will keep you running during the inevitable outages and protect your profit margins from energy price volatility.