Exergy has just launched a new energy procurement platform that provides a single source of truth for energy procurement data. It includes tools for portfolio management, contract management, and risk management that all combine into an amazingly efficient procurement process.

Here are some of the benefits of Exergy procurement:

Save money: Exergy can help you save money on your energy costs by providing:

Access to competitive prices through our new digital rails, and by helping you to optimize your energy procurement strategy through our AI-driven buying profiles. We are one of the first companies who are training AI to help predict better times to buy your next energy contract.

Improve efficiency: Exergy can help you improve the efficiency of your energy procurement process by providing you with a single platform to manage all of your energy procurement data. No need for multiple expensive energy brokers and consultants. Trim the fat and help your company actually realize savings.

Reduce risk: Exergy can help you reduce the risk of overpaying for energy across your entire portfolio. Our software monitors the meter in that contract. No meter will overpay, ever, when they are connected to Exergy.

Click the link below for a white paper describing the process and how you can leverage the platform to save money and make better decisions. (No registration required): https://exergyenergy.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/06/ExergyWhitePaper.pdf