Reducing your carbon footprint is a complicated endeavor which requires a well thought through plan and process. It is a journey, not a project; where if you do not execute in the optimal sequence, you will pay much more than necessary and compromise your ability to reach the goals. The path also requires a substantial amount of capital, that most organizations would prefer to use for other purposes, such as growing the business.

The above challenges are why you need a concierge utility like Exergy Energy. Exergy takes responsibility for making you green, resilient and on the path to zero carbon, all for no upfront cost and no CAPEX. We provide sustainability, resiliency and decarbonization as a service. We work with you to understand your sustainability, resiliency and decarbonization goals, and build a plan to get you there with no CAPEX.

As part of our concierge services, we create and manage an Energy Star® Portfolio Manager® account for you covering all your facilities, even those not directly managed by Exergy. Though Energy Star, you can track progress, compare your facilities, benchmark against the industry and work toward Energy Star certification, when appropriate.

Exergy and Energy Star® is the perfect combination to meet your goals at the best overall value and with not upfront cost.