Exergy Energy today announced their recent success in developing a prototype battery-operated mobile soft serve ice cream cart. This effort was accomplished in response to a request by MC VENUE Services Inc. MC VENUE is the leading provider of Mr. Softee, “the very best”, for indoor sports arenas and entertainment venues. MC VENUE helps make the event memorable.

MC VENUE SERVICES INC. is looking forward to launching this first of its kind sustainable ice cream cart in sports and entertainment venues throughout the country,” says Craig Zoly, Senior Vice President at MC Venue.

Mister Softee Mobile Ice Cream Cart

The battery-powered ice cream cart represents a fusion of convenience, mobility, and environmental consciousness. Equipped with state-of-the-art battery technology ensuring prolonged usage without compromising on performance, eliminating the need for electricity to power the cart. MC VENUE can now operate their ice cream businesses virtually anywhere, without being tethered to traditional power sources. This allows MC VENUE to take their beloved ice cream directly to the customer allowing the customer to enjoy the event uninterrupted.

To learn more about MC VENUE and the availability of the battery powered mobile soft serve ice cream cart, please reach out to them at MCVENUE@gmail.com

Mister Softee Mobile Ice Cream Cart

About Exergy Energy:
Exergy Energy is dedicated to driving positive change in the food industry and beyond. Through innovation, collaboration, and a steadfast commitment to sustainability, we are shaping a future where businesses can thrive while minimizing their environmental impact.

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