Most businesses have backup generators as they rely on uninterrupted power so operations can continue during outages. Most generators are only used around 100 hrs. per year & the engines are in excellent condition. Maintaining these generators is complex & expensive since the electronic control systems due to a lack of parts – particularly when it comes to updating 20 – 40 yr. old controls. It seems a shame to toss out a working generator simply because they no longer make the electronic parts. Exergy provides the upgrades with no upfront expense & rolls the cost of upgrades into your maintenance agreement.

Expertise & Specialized Knowledge
Generator control upgrades requires a specialized set of skills & knowledge. Exergy is equipped with highly trained technicians who possess in-depth expertise in generator systems. We understand the complexities of different generator models, control parts, & equipment.

Access to Quality Control Parts
Acquiring control parts for generators is a challenging process. Exergy has established networks & partnerships with trusted suppliers, providing easier access to quality control parts. We stay up to date with the latest industry advancements & are well-versed in identifying the most reliable components for your generator. You save valuable time & ensure the use of genuine parts, optimizing your generator’s performance & longevity.

Efficient Equipment Upgrades
Keeping pace with equipment upgrades is crucial to maintain a generator’s efficiency, reliability, & compliance with industry standards – Managing these upgrades independently is overwhelming. Exergy & our partners are well-versed in the latest equipment advancements & can efficiently upgrade your generator when necessary. Your access to specialized tools & resources through Exergy enables seamless integration of new components, enhancing your generator’s performance without disrupting your operations.

Proactive Preventive Maintenance
Preventive maintenance is essential for the longevity and reliability of generators. Regular inspections, testing, & component replacements are crucial to identify potential issues before they become costly breakdowns. Exergy takes charge of these tasks, ensuring your generator undergoes comprehensive preventive maintenance. Proactive approaches help you avoid unexpected downtime & the associated losses, giving you peace of mind & enabling you to focus on core business activities.

Cost-Effective Solution
Hiring an in-house team solely dedicated to generator maintenance can be financially burdensome. The expenses involved in recruiting, training, & retaining skilled personnel, along with the costs of maintaining an inventory of control parts, adds up quick. Exergy offers a cost-effective solution by eliminating these overheads for you, optimizing your budget while ensuring top-notch service.