The general consensus is that Artificial Intelligence will make the grid more reliable, resilient and lower cost. It sounds completely reasonable. We have seen some fabulous output from AI and grid simulations are proceeding very well.

Unfortunately, this works when there is a single AI. The situation gets very complicated and potentially dangerous when there are multiple AI’s competing for the same grid profit. This is very likely to happen since just about every vendor of microgrids, solar plus battery to DERMS and more, all are incorporating AI. Now if all the AI’s had the same goals, algorithms and training, they would collectively converge to the same correct solution. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Since we do not have a mutually agreed model of how the grid should operate in a free market, all the AI’s will be different, seeking different solutions and advantages. It is highly likely that multiple AI’s will compete with each other.

This competition is not necessarily good or controlled. It is highly probable that battling AI’s will make the grid less reliable and increase price volatility.