Extreme weather cost the US economy over $165 billion last year and caused 474 deaths. Many companies and organizations were without power for extended periods of time.

Exergy can’t change the weather (in the short term), but we can help you remain operational when things get bad. We provide backup power as a service with no upfront investment.

To help you do your part to reduce climate change, Exergy’s concierge utility service will make you Always On, Always Green and Always Save with no upfront cost to you.

It’s time to prepare. As the NOAA report shows, things are expensive and going to get worse. Quoting from the article: “People are seeing the impacts of a changing climate system where they live, work and play on a regular basis,” NOAA Administrator Rick Spinrad said at a Tuesday press conference. “With a changing climate buckle up. More extreme events are expected.”

Buckle up and give us a call.