We have made zero progress regarding our CO2 emissions and atmospheric CO2 levels are at their highest ever. This has 2 very important implications for your operation:

Extreme weather will continue to increase making grid outages longer and more frequent.

We will need to dramatically increase the tempo in incorporating low carbon technologies into the grid, with little to no planning. This will increase the risk of grid outages and reliability issues.

The transition to a decarbonized grid, increased price volatility coupled with the need for backup power, dramatically changes the way you should procure and manage energy.

Energy markets are complex and dynamic with prices changing every minute.

You can no longer afford to use standard utility tariffs, and energy brokers do not have the ability to supply the types of contracts that you need to leverage your self generation capability and reduce your energy spend.

You need a Concierge Utility, like Exergy Energy, that puts you first and can help you manage the transition into a decarbonized electrified economy at no upfront cost or CAPEX.