For a single facility, an outage is a relatively rare occurrence. Unfortunately it is getting much more frequent with outages having increased by 14 fold over the past decade. What many people don’t realize is that on any given day, there are tens of thousands of people without power. Might be your customer, and might represent an opportunity. If you would like to keep up to date on outages or simply investigate an individual occurrence, you can get the details at our Exergy Energy outage map.

This map allows you to drill down to counties and individual utilities with statistics. One of our customers used it just before Christmas to find out why his facility was running on Exergy’s backup generator, since none of his customers were experiencing an outage. Drilling down, there were only 4 facilities out-of-power resulting from damage to a utility pole on the customer’s street. It took over 24 hours to restore power, but luckily, our backup generator kept them running at a critical time in the season.