f you want to beat your competition, be available when your competition is not.

Traditionally this meant staying open longer hours or working weekends. Today it might mean being open at all due to someone shooting up a substation and taking out the grid.

Grid resiliency was already an issue due to climate change and extreme weather. Outages have increased by a factor of 14 over the past 10 years with 78% of outages caused by weather. Now we need to add the totally unpredictable possibility of terrorism.

Within the past 2 months, we have seen substations attacked in North Carolina, Oregon, Washington and just today, authorities thwarted a major threat by a group that planned to take down the entire grid for the city of Baltimore Maryland. Article here

What are we to make of this? Electric reliability can no longer be assumed. You need to protect one of your business’s most vital resources; “energy” from all manner of threats. The only way to do that is to have backup power on site.

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