Hype is not lying but rather touting something that might be true but only in very limited circumstances or situations. A recent article is a case in point: https://www.miragenews.com/councils-latest-solar-upgrade-and-battery-906652

The article discusses how Clarence Valley Council has added battery storage to its solar installation. Quoting from the article: “Council’s $900,000 solar upgrade and battery storage project at located at the Rushforth Road Works Depot in South Grafton has been specifically designed to improve capacity to respond to natural disasters. “In the case of disasters we’ve now got a facility which can run if the grid goes down,” Mayor Ian Tiley said As a vital piece of infrastructure during disasters, the depot can remain fully operational and totally independent if the power grid goes down.”
It certainly appears that the combination of solar and battery makes the depot resilient to grid outages. The problem is that the battery can only keep them running for a couple pf hours, what happens after that? Later in the article, the answer is revealed. The council also installed a backup generator. So, to be fully operational for more than a couple of hours, the battery has to be backed up with a backup generator.

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