Winter is back with a vengeance and as of the time of this post there are 518,700 without power, mostly in Texas.

I am not going to blame ERCOT or the grid. Extreme weather brings down power lines and leaves people cold and in the dark. 78% of outages are caused by weather. There is very little the grid can do to prevent this, but you can take action and keep your operation running and productive.

Your organization should get a backup generator. Sure, I know all the reasons against it, but consider backup power as a service from Exergy Energy.

• Zero Upfront Cost: We purchase, install and own the equipment. You get backup as a service.
• Sized to meet your needs; not just critical loads: You continue operating when the grid fails.
• We provide all services: Exergy owns, operates, maintains, and manages the equipment so you can focus on running your organization.
• Tier-1 Equipment: We use only the best brands of equipment with zero run hours in weather-proof enclosures.
• Ride Through: If certain critical loads cannot afford even a momentary interruption, Exergy will include ride-through battery support as part of its turnkey solution.
• 24 x 7 Monitoring: Exergy monitors the grid and our software predicts when an outage may occur and remotely starts the generator in anticipation of an outage
• Off-Balance Sheet Solution: All of the above is provided under a long-term service agreement.
• Shared Savings: Exergy uses the generator to provide demand response and generate profits Exergy shares with you.

If you have considered a backup generator but have resisted because of cost, please look again at Backup as a service, with not upfront cost.