A New Model for EV Ownership

Exergy Energy, the 100% Renewable, Always On Distributed Energy Provider is integrating a new model for EV ownership into its customer solutions to generate additional savings. The convergence of three factors caused us to re-think the concept of car ownership.

  1. The battery can be used for purposes other than transportation.
  2. The younger generation sees transportation more as a service and do not want to own a car.
  3. EV charging and V2G has great economies of scale.

The Exergy EV concept is very simple. Electric vehicles should be owned by the employer and provided to the employee as a benefit.

Most people use their cars to get to and from work, where the vehicle sits idle for a predictable amount of time. On average a car is only used about 4% of time and represents one of the most under-utilized investment assets a person makes during their lifetime.

Our analysis has shown that for Exergy’s typical “Always On” customers, the value of the battery for peak shaving, demand response and resiliency is worth more to the employer than the average lease paid by the employee. To learn more about how to reduce your energy costs, increase resiliency and improve employee satisfaction and  recruitment, please contact me at march@exergyenergy.com.

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