The entire country is struggling with extreme weather and its associated power outages. Just so happens some states do better than others in the speed of restoring power.

If you live in Michigan, my condolences. You have the highest electricity rates in the area and have the worst performance in power restoration. This recent article in energycentral

Does not paint a pretty picture. Quoting from the article, which originated in the Monroe Evening News:

“Michigan’s two largest electricity providers, DTE and Consumers Energy, are among the worst-performing utilities in the country at how long it takes them to get the lights back on after a power outage, a review of reliability data shows. Despite that, Michiganders pay more for electricity than their neighbors around the Great Lakes.”
I shouldn’t pick-on Michigan, but I used this article to make the point that outages are on the rise as is the length of an outage. You need to take responsibility and prepare.

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