In a report, the North American Electric Reliability Corp. said most regions of the country face growing risks of inadequate electricity supplies during periods of extreme cold and heat over the coming decade. “

Outage Problems to Continue and Get Worse for Next 10 Years

Many organizations have been warned about the risk of outages this year and through the summer of 2024. Unfortunately, most are not preparing rather they assume this is simply fear-mongering to raise rates and in any case, the situation will resolve itself as more renewables and batteries come on line. That is simply not the situation.

Quoting from the article: “Based on current trends, much of the central and southern parts of the United States are likely to face power shortfalls in the coming decade — even during normal weather, NERC said.”

“NERC, which is an industry-led group, projected electricity demand will grow 10 percent through 2032. Generation will expand just 4 percent during that time, it estimated.”

Later in the article, it mentioned that for some areas, grid outages will occur even with normal winter conditions.

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