Climate change is a global problem and is going to take a commitment from everyone to help save the planet. I don’t doubt that everyone wants to help as long as it doesn’t impact them. NIMBYism (Not In My Back Yard) is slowing the transition and making climate change worse and the energy transition slower and more expensive.

I was struct by 2 articles in the news today. Kansas and New Jersey are fighting against renewable development.
From Kansas:

“The blinking red lights atop wind turbines, which are meant to prevent low-flying aircraft from flying into them, spoil the Kansas landscape and distract drivers, lawmakers said during debate on Senate Bill 49.
New Jersey

Keith Moore, of Defend Brigantine Beach NJ, another coastal group, said wind farm opponents will deliver an online petition, signed by nearly 500,000 people, calling for the immediate halt of wind farm development.

“Numerous advocacy groups, some formed to address what they call the “transformative industrialization” of the ocean, have been speaking out against the construction of offshore wind energy farms.”

“U.S. Rep. Jeff Van Drew, whose district includes the shore towns of Atlantic and Cape May counties, has introduced a resolution calling for a congressional investigation of the potential negative impacts of offshore wind development.”
Unfortunately, these are not isolated incidents. The rejection of renewable projects the US has skyrocketed in the past few years. The graph shows the number of solar and wind permit rejections over time. This is a huge problem. The graph only depicts solar and wind projects. If you also look at rejections of natural gas pipeline expansion and transmission line expansion to bring hydropower from Canada, the situation is horrific.

This means the transition will take longer and therefore our extreme weather will continue to get worse and more frequent. Grid outages will continue to increase and last longer. You need to prepare.

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