This statement caught my eye in a recent article in EnergyCentral titled: “How Can We Update the Grid to Be M ore Resilient Against Natural Disasters?”

“Forty states are experiencing longer outages — and the problem is most acute in regions seeing more extreme weather, U.S. Department of Energy data shows. The blackouts can be harmful and even deadly for the elderly, disabled and other vulnerable communities.”

“Power grid maintenance expenses are skyrocketing as utilities upgrade decades-old transmission lines and equipment. And that means customers who are hit with more frequent and longer weather outages also are paying more for electricity.”
“The electric grid is our early warning,” said University of California, Berkeley grid expert Alexandra von Meier. “Climate change is here and we’re feeling real effects.”

What’s the solution?

Unsurprising; just what Exergy offers and has been advocating since the beginning:

• Backup power
• Enhance demand response during peak use.

You need to protect your business and its bottom line with backup power. Exergy Energy, your concierge utility, can provide all you need to be more efficient, avoid blackouts and save money. All with no upfront cost. We provide backup power as a service and will keep you running during the inevitable outages and protect your profit margins from energy price volatility.