A majority of business leaders are dissatisfied with their utility according to recent surveys. There are a host of reasons, stemming from incomprehensible bills, increasing outages, rising prices and the one size fits all philosophy.

Companies succeed by differentiation and optimize their operations to provide the highest value for their customers.

Utilities succeed by trying to make everyone the same. They put your square peg in their rate based round hole. What could go wrong? According to the surveys mentioned above, it already has gone wrong, with a majority of businesses dissatisfied.

Unfortunately, matters are getting worse. The increase in intermittent renewables coupled with more extreme weather and aging grid infrastructure has resulted in a more complex and less reliable energy system that is more difficult to understand and manage.

What you need is a concierge utility. An energy provider that works for you! A provider who custom supplies your energy needs from backup as a service, to optimized contracts, to supporting your decarbonization and electrification efforts and most importantly with the financial ability to provide all of this with no upfront investment. A concierge utility that supplies everything you need as a service.