The Department of Energy just released a draft report concluding that the country will need to add 47,300 GW-Miles of transmission lines.

The report shows that we need to expand the transmission system in order to convey renewable energy from the middle of the country to other areas and to better interconnect the region transmission systems. The expected cost is in the trillions, but more importantly is it even feasible in the timeframe required to decarbonize the grid?

These are new transmission lines, requiring eminent domain acquisition of large areas for transmission corridors. History has shown that getting people to agree to this land grab is extremely difficult and fought in the courts for years. While the concept is attractive and well justified, the practicality of achieving it any time soon is highly unlikely.

What does this mean to you? The IRA has continued to incentivize renewable generation, but without the transmission lines and interconnections, this increase will likely destabilize the grid even more. Coupling that with increased outages due to climate change and extreme weather, translates into more outages and blackouts for the next several years.

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