Was reading Power Magazine and the article “Driving on Electric Avenue….” and while everyone is excited about the transition from fossil fuel vehicles to electric ones, a number of voices are sounding an alarm. The problem is that the vehicle transition is happening faster than the grid is evolving and new generation being put in place. This may lead to additional strain and outages.
Quoting from the article:

“Nayar, like others who spoke with POWER, said, “One limiting factor is the speed and scale at which the infrastructure can be put into place. Some grid operators are already struggling to keep up with demand in certain areas, and power authorities fear the possibility of blackouts with the overloading grid use.”

“The grid is unlikely to be updated in a timely enough fashion to support electric vehicles and industrial equipment,” said Robin Sarah Schneider, director of Marketing for Green Cubes Technology, a group developing electrification solutions.”

The last quote is very insightful as it also mentions electrification of industrial processes. All of these will put greater demand on an aging and fragile grid. Rolling blackouts and outages are not a solution for success.

Bottom line, the decarbonization road ahead will be bumpy and fraught with problems. These problems will translate into higher prices, greater price volatility and power outages.

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