If you have been following our posts, you know that Exergy is a huge supporter of decarbonization and zero carbon generation technologies. However, we take issue with the lack of planning and forethought in transitioning the world’s largest and most complex machine.

Our lives and economies rely on electricity. Just go without power for a few days and see just how the quality of your life declines. We strongly recommend that organizations get backup generators to protect their businesses and lives and to also support the grid through the transition.

I recently came across this YouTube video by a physicist that analyzed the material requirements of the current transition momentum and its implications. This 30 minute talk certainly underscores that the transition will be extremely hard with many physical and economic issues along the way. The likelihood of grid problems is a forgone conclusion. I recommend you watch the presentation and then call Exergy to get backup power as a service with no upfront cost.

Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/sgOEGKDVvsg