Prepare for Outageswith Free Advanced Warnings

A grid outage can cause substantial damage and economic loss. Whether you own a backup generator or not, power dropping out unexpectedly can result in machine and tooling damage and many hours of maintenance to get backup and running. It would be beneficial to know in advance if an outage is likely in your area, so you could take precautions, such as switch to your backup generator or shutdown critical machines that could be damaged.

Over 75% of customer outages are caused by weather. Weather is easy to monitor and research has correlated weather details with power outages. Exergy Energy, the concierge utility, monitors the weather for its customers and starts their backup generators automatically when an outage is likely.

Every organization, whether they own a backup generator or not, can benefit from an early warning.

Exergy is offering its weather outage prediction service to any organization that subscribes. You simply provide us with your company name, email and address, include zipcode and county and we will notify you automatically by email if weather conditions indicate a possible grid outage. We will also let you know if more than 2,000 people in your area are without power.